Photo Credit: pbs.org
Millions of polar bears are losing their lives because of us!  It’s all happening in Alaska, The Artic Tundra, and the North Pole.  Polar bears are losing their lives because of global warming.  Global warming is when people are using too much electricity and polluting the air and water.  The ice is falling apart because of too much heat.  Polar bears are having trouble getting food.  That’s a big problem for females because without enough food they can’t produce enough milk to feed their young!  They’re also fighting for food and that may lead to dying.  The food they eat is seals and fish, but fish are harder to catch because they are faster.  The seals are moving to colder places.  The polar bears are counting us!

Photo Credit: Michael Soskil

In my class we had to do a report on the five senses.  Here is my report on the five senses.

I just love Promised  Land Lake on a spring day.  I see the flowers blooming with color, the blue water shiny and bright, the green grass looks as if it's popping out.  When I put my feet into the water it feels slimy and cold then warm and relaxing.  I hear blue birds singing their soft song.  Fish are splashing in the water.  I smell the flowers all around me.  I touch the green algae with my feet.  I can taste the wild blueberries slightly sour and sweet.  That is the place for me on a spring day.

The photo above was taken by my dad when we went on a photo hike at Promised Land.