A few days ago in my Social Studies class we talked about Saint Louis and the Arch.  It really inspired me.  Here are some things I learned.

How did they do it?  What was it like? Workers started building the arch in 1963.  It took one year to build the first piece.  13 workers had to work together.  The Arch was so high up it was 10 feet higher than the buildings!  The workers had to work though the night, and it probably wasn't comfortable.  Building the Gateway to the West was difficult and dangerous.  It was so slippery and steep you couldn't even climb up it!  In 1965 it was almost done.  2 long years went by.  Finally the last year came.  Building the Arch was not easy.  When it was finished an elevator was built inside.  It's so amazing that nobody died!  I think working on the project would have been hard and exciting.   There were lots of big pieces.  Before the Arch was finished, high school kids put a time capsule in it.  The time capsule has been there ever since.  Workers also put an American Flag on top.  The Arch is more than 400 feet high. Today about 40000 people visit each year.