I had to do a report on Native Americans.  This is my report on the Hopi Tribe from the South West.

The Hopi

                The Hopi are a tribe in the Southwest United States.  They live in Arizona.  The name Hopi is a shortened form of Hopituh Shi-nu -mu, which means “The Peaceful People.”

                Hopi clothing is different than what we wear today.  The women wore knee length cotton dresses fastened at left shoulder, leaving the right shoulder bare. The men only wore long rectangular pieces of deerskin or kilts (skirts). On their feet they wore deerskin moccasins.

The customs of the Hopi are very interesting.  They speak a different language and it’s called Shoshone.  The women cook and weave cloth and baskets.  The men harvest and plant.  They also have a traditional dance called the Butterfly Dance.  The girls wear headdresses and the boys wear lose shirts.  They dance for rain, long lives, and good health.

The Hopi used materials that were easily available to build their homes. The Hopi lived in northern Arizona.  They live in 11 villages on 3 mesas in pueblos.  Pueblos are made of stones and mud.  Underground chambers were built in the villages for men to get together.

I think the Hopi tribe is very interesting.  Their shelter, clothing, and customs are very different than what we use and do today.  I would like to visit Arizona to see the place were they live. 


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Photo credit:  Flickr/Marion Brite