This summer I am going to Europe.  In Rome my family is going to the Vatican Museum.  Here are
5 things I want to see in the museum and why I want to see them.

1.  While we are at the Vatican museum I want to look at  The Sistine Chapel Ceiling.  It took Michelangelo 4 long years to paint.He did it on scaffolding.  Instead of just painting it, he put up plaster and painted on the plaster.  It is from the part of  the Bible called the Old Testament. I would like to look at it because it’s one of the most famous and oldest works of art . 

2.  I would like to see the Laocoon. It is a sculpture of priest Laocoon and his sons being eaten by snakes. I want to see it because it is a very famous sculpture and I like the look of it all. 

3. I would love to get a peek at the Last Judgement.  It’s an entire painted wall of human souls rising and falling.  I’d love to see it because it’s so big and amazing.

4. I want to search for the statue of Perseus.  It is a sculpture of a man on a horse holding Gorgon Medusa’s head.  I want to  search for it because it is like good winning a battle against evil.

5.  Last, in the Vatican museum I’d like to look at Antinous. It is a Greek Statue of an entourage of the Roman Emperor Hadrian.  I want to find  it because I want to go to Greece someday.

Image Credit:  Flickr/nathangibbs

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The Eiffel Tower was built to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the French revolution and other reasons.  It was built because there was pride in France and it would be a main symbol at the World Exhibition. The last reason it was made it was for marketing and public reasons.  That is why the Eiffel Tower was built. It was built by a man named Gustave Eiffel.   Gustave Eiffel was a amazing  engineer, but unfortunately he is not alive today.  His nickname was the Magician of Iron.  He was born on Dec.15, 1832.    The Eiffel Tower was built in 1889.          

Now that you know the history of the Eiffel Tower here are some facts about it.  Because it’s so big it needs 8 elevators.  Its nickname is The Iron Lady.  The tower is also the tallest building in Paris.  The tower is 1,050 feet tall.  The tower is also on the Seven Wonders of the World list.  The coolest thing I found was that there are 20,000 sparkling lights on the tower.

This year I am going to Paris, and the Eiffel Tower . I would like to go to one of the museums in the tower.    My family is going to the top!  I would love to go to one of the two restaurants.  I would also  like to see the apartment on top of the tower.    Gustave Eiffel lived there.    I want to look at the amazing  view. 

Au revoir! 

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Photo Credit: pbs.org
Millions of polar bears are losing their lives because of us!  It’s all happening in Alaska, The Artic Tundra, and the North Pole.  Polar bears are losing their lives because of global warming.  Global warming is when people are using too much electricity and polluting the air and water.  The ice is falling apart because of too much heat.  Polar bears are having trouble getting food.  That’s a big problem for females because without enough food they can’t produce enough milk to feed their young!  They’re also fighting for food and that may lead to dying.  The food they eat is seals and fish, but fish are harder to catch because they are faster.  The seals are moving to colder places.  The polar bears are counting us!

Photo Credit: Michael Soskil

In my class we had to do a report on the five senses.  Here is my report on the five senses.

I just love Promised  Land Lake on a spring day.  I see the flowers blooming with color, the blue water shiny and bright, the green grass looks as if it's popping out.  When I put my feet into the water it feels slimy and cold then warm and relaxing.  I hear blue birds singing their soft song.  Fish are splashing in the water.  I smell the flowers all around me.  I touch the green algae with my feet.  I can taste the wild blueberries slightly sour and sweet.  That is the place for me on a spring day.

The photo above was taken by my dad when we went on a photo hike at Promised Land. 
I had to do a report on Native Americans.  This is my report on the Hopi Tribe from the South West.

The Hopi

                The Hopi are a tribe in the Southwest United States.  They live in Arizona.  The name Hopi is a shortened form of Hopituh Shi-nu -mu, which means “The Peaceful People.”

                Hopi clothing is different than what we wear today.  The women wore knee length cotton dresses fastened at left shoulder, leaving the right shoulder bare. The men only wore long rectangular pieces of deerskin or kilts (skirts). On their feet they wore deerskin moccasins.

The customs of the Hopi are very interesting.  They speak a different language and it’s called Shoshone.  The women cook and weave cloth and baskets.  The men harvest and plant.  They also have a traditional dance called the Butterfly Dance.  The girls wear headdresses and the boys wear lose shirts.  They dance for rain, long lives, and good health.

The Hopi used materials that were easily available to build their homes. The Hopi lived in northern Arizona.  They live in 11 villages on 3 mesas in pueblos.  Pueblos are made of stones and mud.  Underground chambers were built in the villages for men to get together.

I think the Hopi tribe is very interesting.  Their shelter, clothing, and customs are very different than what we use and do today.  I would like to visit Arizona to see the place were they live. 


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Photo credit:  Flickr/Marion Brite
A few days ago in my Social Studies class we talked about Saint Louis and the Arch.  It really inspired me.  Here are some things I learned.

How did they do it?  What was it like? Workers started building the arch in 1963.  It took one year to build the first piece.  13 workers had to work together.  The Arch was so high up it was 10 feet higher than the buildings!  The workers had to work though the night, and it probably wasn't comfortable.  Building the Gateway to the West was difficult and dangerous.  It was so slippery and steep you couldn't even climb up it!  In 1965 it was almost done.  2 long years went by.  Finally the last year came.  Building the Arch was not easy.  When it was finished an elevator was built inside.  It's so amazing that nobody died!  I think working on the project would have been hard and exciting.   There were lots of big pieces.  Before the Arch was finished, high school kids put a time capsule in it.  The time capsule has been there ever since.  Workers also put an American Flag on top.  The Arch is more than 400 feet high. Today about 40000 people visit each year.