Photo Credit: Michael Soskil

In my class we had to do a report on the five senses.  Here is my report on the five senses.

I just love Promised  Land Lake on a spring day.  I see the flowers blooming with color, the blue water shiny and bright, the green grass looks as if it's popping out.  When I put my feet into the water it feels slimy and cold then warm and relaxing.  I hear blue birds singing their soft song.  Fish are splashing in the water.  I smell the flowers all around me.  I touch the green algae with my feet.  I can taste the wild blueberries slightly sour and sweet.  That is the place for me on a spring day.

The photo above was taken by my dad when we went on a photo hike at Promised Land. 
1/17/2012 08:52:12 am

Great job Abby!! I'm sure your teacher loved it!

Mrs. Vandergrift
1/17/2012 08:55:59 am

I am so impressed with the imagery in your writing, I can almost imagine being at this lake with all your very vivid and colorful details. Keep up this amazing writing. I would love to see my 3rd graders writing in such great detail! Great work Abby!

1/17/2012 09:09:34 am

You really painted a fabulous picture that brings out all the senses. As I read it, I felt like I was right there in the scene with you seeing, hearing, touching, and tasting. Fabulous!

1/17/2012 09:14:20 am

What a beautiful picture you painted with your words. A lovely description using all your senses. Well Done.

1/17/2012 09:49:08 am

I agree Abby, all my senses are awakened when I'm at Promised Land State Park. My very favorite place to be. "My Happy Place".

Mrs. Carroll
1/17/2012 11:32:58 am

Your attention to details and imagery, put me right at the lake with you! Beautiful job giving the reader a full picture of the serenity of the lake. (Although it makes me wish it was summer and not -5*!) Happy blogging!

1/17/2012 12:01:17 pm

When I was reading this all of my senses were popping. I read each statement as though I was there experiencing what you were saying. You are greatly talented.

1/17/2012 04:32:12 pm

Wow. Superb writing Abby. I am proud to be related to such a talented little lady!

1/17/2012 05:50:44 pm

Nice job Abby, wish we were enjoy the words you wrote, soon :)

1/20/2012 06:30:59 am

Another great blog! Keep them coming!!!


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