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Millions of polar bears are losing their lives because of us!  It’s all happening in Alaska, The Artic Tundra, and the North Pole.  Polar bears are losing their lives because of global warming.  Global warming is when people are using too much electricity and polluting the air and water.  The ice is falling apart because of too much heat.  Polar bears are having trouble getting food.  That’s a big problem for females because without enough food they can’t produce enough milk to feed their young!  They’re also fighting for food and that may lead to dying.  The food they eat is seals and fish, but fish are harder to catch because they are faster.  The seals are moving to colder places.  The polar bears are counting us!

1/19/2012 05:38:46 am

Hi, I think it is great that you are learning so much about the problems polar bears are facing due to global warming. Can you explain what you and your family will do to try to help with this problem? Thanks! :-)

1/24/2012 04:41:32 am

My family has changed all our light balbs to energy savers.

4/12/2012 11:50:44 pm

thats a really good way to save the polar bears abby

1/19/2012 07:04:01 am

It is great that you are learning how human actions in one area can affect life on the planet hundreds or thousands of miles away. We live in a delicate planetary ecosystem and we must protect it. I think some adults are beginning to realize the interconnections of life based on the economic conditions and impacts of different countries. We must learn that we are all connected.

Brett Soskil
1/20/2012 06:36:22 am

Another great blog! So informative.... I agree with Niki.... What will you and the family do to reduce your impact? Do you know why using electricity is increasing global warming? Try doing a little more research because everyone would love to hear what you come up with!!

Pa Kern
1/23/2012 07:44:10 am


I liked this one as it shows how much you are growing and learning about the world around us, and how much you care for all living things.
Most people never take the time to stop and think about what they are doing and how it will effect others. This one shows that YOU care. Love You PA

3/23/2012 05:11:36 am

Hey abby,

really did a good goob on that report!


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