Aunt Carol
11/14/2011 08:15:45 am

Awesome experiment, Abby...I never knew how powerful vinegar could be.
Keep learning and reporting!

11/14/2011 08:16:02 am

You have done a fine job documenting your experiment. You will make a great scientist one day. Keep up the good work!

Mark Dunk
11/14/2011 08:24:41 am

You did a great job! Isn't that a really cool experiment? If you feel like doing it again, next time after all the shell is dissolved, put the squishy egg in a big container of white corn syrup and watch it for a few days. I think it'll be worth the effort!

Keep up the good work in science!

11/14/2011 08:24:52 am

If you put it in a bigger cup with some more vinegar, will it keep getting bigger? How much bigger can it get? How much vinegar can it hold? What does it look like inside the egg? What does it smell like? Maybe have dad take it outside and cut it open?

Theresa Bell
11/14/2011 08:26:51 am

Thanks for sharing Abby. You did a great job with the experiment and with the voicethread. I learned something new today. Thank you!

Rick Jackson
11/14/2011 08:28:55 am

Another great blog post! Thanks for sharing. I show these to my 8-year old son who thinks they are cool too.

Mr. Jackson

Lori Soskil
11/14/2011 08:30:27 am

I love your curiosity and desire to learn. I can't wait to see what you do next! And thank you to pshircliff for the suggestion that the egg get opened OUTSIDE!

11/14/2011 08:33:53 am

I'd be curious as to the measurements of the size of the egg, and the mass of the egg. Maybe size in terms of volume of the egg.

Peg Marcoline
11/14/2011 08:58:29 am

Wow!! I am SO impressed with your experiment! I used to teach 3rd grade, but I never had a student do such a cool science project! Job well done!!!

Patti Duncan
11/14/2011 09:19:44 am

Great job! I was going to leave a comment on your VT... but could not, so I will leave it here. Next time you do this experiment, put the egg into a water/maple syrup mixture after day four. See what happens!!!

Marita Wenner
11/14/2011 09:31:20 am

Excellent job Abby! What an amazing scientist you are learning to be. Never stop being curious about the world around you. I am so proud of you!

Brett Soskil
11/14/2011 09:51:51 am

What a great and interesting experiment! Great to see you learning on your own and not just doing the experiment but also researching why.... I wonder what would happen if you put the egg into a bowl of vinegar.... Would it keep expanding to the size of the bowl? Keep up the awesome work.
-Uncle Brett, Syosset, NY

Sue Neese
11/14/2011 11:11:06 am

I like how you kept track of all of your observations AND did further investigation to find out why the vinegar caused that reaction. You are a budding scientist!

11/14/2011 05:09:58 pm

That was very interesting. I have never seen that before. I wish you had broken open the egg, so you could report on the smell. I wonder what it smells like!

Larry Tapia (Uncle Larry)
11/14/2011 10:07:27 pm

Nice job! At the end it looks the way I would picture new dinosaur eggs to look and feel. Maybe your mom was afraid a Tyrannosaurus would hatch out in the house (which is never a good thing)!

Joseph Martin
11/15/2011 05:22:42 am

Hello Abby,

Super job on using VoiceThread to report your observations, particularly the video commenting tool. I can't wait to see what other cools things you have planned for the future.

Marvin Soskil
11/15/2011 06:58:19 am

Abby. . .
Awesome. . . Can you bounce that egg over here?
I am learning a lot from you. Your quest for knowledge is going to be the answer to your future.
I am so proud of you . . .
You have me wondering if im smarter than a third grader. . .

Michele Moynihan
11/16/2011 03:23:23 am

Great Job Abby!! I'm sure you made your mom SUPER proud being such a great scientist! I hope you stay cool and join the world of Biology teachers ;)

Mrs. Lopez
11/22/2011 07:48:21 am

Great job! What a super experiment! I will have to do something like this with my class.

Murphy Schratt
11/23/2011 03:30:31 am

Cool experiment, Abby. That was really awesome!

Your friend,

Leah Hearn
12/21/2011 05:22:41 am

cool experimet abby! I wish i could cut it open i would type cause you talked kinda slow but it was fun hearin it to did you put my hand holdin down the egg hope you can write agin

your BFF,

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